Play Area Rules:


Kids are kids, we get it! We ask that parents be mindful of these rules and guide children to ensure a positive experience for all guests.


● Socks are required for adults AND children.


● Outside food and beverages are permitted but must be consumed in our “cafe”. No food is allowed inside the play area. Infant bottles and beverages with a secure lid are permitted.


● No toys on the climbing equipment or in the bounce house. Please do not throw toys down the slides.


● No throwing!


● No running with shopping carts or ride-on toys.


● Please do not allow children to climb on fences or gates.


● No diaper changes in the play area please! There is a changing station in the restroom for your convenience.


● Please do not leave children unattended. If you need to step away please let a staff member know.


● The middle play area is intended for infants and crawlers. Please be mindful of families with little ones in this space.


● Adults and older children please ask permission before entering the bounce house.


● Be kind and courteous!


Most importantly, HAVE FUN!