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7 reasons you'll LOVE celebrating with us!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Our birthday parties receive 5 stars from kids AND parents. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Safety

Our facility is safe and secure so you can worry less and enjoy more!

2. Our space is climate controlled (because... Florida)

We've all experienced an event cut short or cancelled because of the unpredictable Florida weather. You'll never get rained out at Munchkin Town!

3. Our space is built for kids ages 0-6

Our space is specifically designed for LITTLE kids. But big kids can have fun too! Yes, parents can go down the slide!

4. All parties are private

All of our birthday parties are PRIVATE meaning you have the entire facility to yourself!

5. We make parties stress free

Let's be honest, events are stressful. Managing the guest list, picking a theme and buying décor, coordinating food and cake. It's a lot when you are already so busy. No need to stress here! We take care of all your party needs from set-up to clean up.

6. We clean up the mess

There is nothing worse than being left with a big mess at the end of a party... well not for us. It is our pleasure to clean up the mess!

7. Most importantly -you will make special memories

This is why WE love birthday parties. We love being a part of the special memories that families make here.

Interested in booking your party at Munchkin Town? Click here to view our party packages and to book!

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